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На базе современных технологий и последних разработок в электроэнергетике проектировать электросетевые объекты и объекты генерации, соответствующие требованиям технической, экономической эффективности и экологической безопасности.

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Медаль Washington Group International за участие в международном проекте, реализованном в 2005 году на Северской ТЭЦ Сибирского химического комбината.

офис 400/4, проспект Ленина, д. 60А, г. Екатеринбург,
Россия, 620062
Почтовый адрес: а/я 452, г. Екатеринбург, Россия, 620000
тел: (343)278-82-00, (343)278-82-11 (автоинформатор)
e-mail: tep@uraltep.ru

Closed Joint Stock Company «PEC UralTEP» ("Project-engineering center UralTEP" )

General information

Joint Stock Company “Project-engineering center UralTEP” was founded in 2003. The core personnel was formed by the designers from Uralteploelektroproekt institute which participated in creation of the largest power plants of the country.  

PEC UralTEP specializes in complex design of power plants and power grids. Specialists of the project-engineering center work in the Ural, North-West, Volga and Siberian federal districts, as well as abroad. Customers include heat generating companies of the wholesale market, territorial generating companies, OJSC “Federal Grid Company”, companies of OJSC “IDGC”, industrial, oil and gas producing enterprises.  

 From the first days of its historyPEC UralTEPdealt with complex engineering tasks: designed unique facilities, developed design documentation for modernization of power companies without shutdown of operation processes. 

PEC UralTEP was one of the first in Russia who proposed a solution for oil gas utilization during design of 24 MW gas turbine power plant at Igolsko-Talovoe oil field in Tomsk region. 

PEC UralTEP – is the author of project for Noyabrsk CCPP, which is considered as one of the most technically advanced plants of its kind in Russia.  

High quality of the work performed by PEC UralTEPacting as the general designer during modernization of Seversk CHP at Siberian Chemical Plant was awarded with the Washington Group International medal and received positive feedback from other companies involved in this international project to stop the production of weapon-grade plutonium. 

In another international project – modernization of Pervomayskaya CHP-14, one of the oldest cogeneration heating plants in St. Petersburg,РEC UralTEPconfirmed its reputation of a reliable partner by performing the design activities with high quality and within short timeframe. 

Initially having declared itself on the market as a designer of generation facilities,PEC UralTEPsuccessfully develops the power grid direction. Following the project of reconstruction of 500 kV substation Novo-Anzherskaya with 110 kV, 220 kV, 500 kV overhead lines in Kemerovo region, the company carried out dozens of projects for the development and modernization of the power grid in various regions of Russia.

РEC  UralTEP  has implemented and is widely using various CAD and data exchange technologies based on Primavera, PDMS by AVEVA and a number of software solutions developed inside the Company and by the world leaders in software production.

Since the year 2013PEC UralTEPhas been actively promoting laser scanning technology, and since the year 2014 – 3D printing technology. 

At present, 190 people work in PEC UralTEP. 78 people of these are young specialists, which represent more than 40%. The average age of employees is 40 years. According to the criteria of qualification and professionalism of the staff, as well as the speed of innovation, PEC UralTEP is one of the leading design organizations in Russia. 

General Director

Sergey Sosnovskikh was born in 1981. In 2003 he graduated with honors from the Ural State Technical University - UPI with a degree in Thermal power plants, and at the same institute he successfully passed professional retraining in the field of Economics and company management.

Sergey started his labor activity in the power industry in July 2003 as an engineer of the 3rd category of the Ekaterinburg branch of OJSC “Company EMK-Engineering”, since March 2004 he has been working in JSC “PEC UralTEP”. From April 2006 to March 2012 he worked as chief project engineer of the project for newly designed generation facilities: Noyabrsk CCPP (CJSC “Intertechelectro-New Generation, Noyabrsk), Pervomayskaya CHPP-14 (OJSC “TGK-1”, St. Petersburg), Polyarnaya GTPT (“Ural Industrial - Ural Polar”, Salekhard), Chelyabinsk CHPP-1 (JSC “Fortum”, Chelyabinsk). From April 2012 he was appointed to the position of chief engineer for generation.

In 2015 he passed professional retraining at the Business school of the Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, program “Management. Company management strategy” and received the right to conduct professional activities in the field of management.

In 2016 Sergey completed an international internship in Germany under the program from the German federal ministry of economics and energy (BMWi), implemented by the Educational center GICON-International Training and Business Development GmbH (GIZ).

In 2017 he successfully completed the Presidential program for organizations of the national economy of the Russian Federation, implemented in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation тo. 774 dated July 23, 1997 at the Federal resource center for management training.

In January 2019 Sergey Sosnovskikh was appointed General director of JSC “PEC UralTEP”.

Key customers

The key customers of PEC UralTEP are heat generating companies of the wholesale market, territorial generating companies, OJSC “Federal Grid Company”, companies of OJSC “IDGC”, industrial, oil and gas producing enterprises.

Key Activities

Integrated design services for green-field construction, reconstruction and modernization of thermal power plants based on steam boilers, combined cycle, gas turbines, small CHP, boilers as well as small and non-conventional power facilities, chemical water treatment plants, fuel supply, black oil systems. Design of heating networks and constructions.

Integrated design services for green-field construction, reconstruction and modernization of substations, overhead and cable power lines, dispatch control systems, fiber optic networks, relay lines, etc.

Designer supervision services for all designed sites.

The Company’s quality management system is certified by GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001: 2015).

Chronology of Key Projects

Power Generation Facilities

       Design for 24 MW Gas Turbine Plant at Igolsko-Talovoe oil field (Russia,
       Tomsk region).

       Upgrade of Process Control System at Units 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 of Surgutskaya
       GRES-2 (Russia, Tyumen region)
       Replacement of main steam piping at 800 MW Units No. 2, 3, 4, 6 of
       Surguts kaya GRES-2 (Russia, Tyumen region)
       Revamp of Seversk CHP at Siberian Chemical Plant (Russia, Seversk)
       Upgrade of Process Control System at Units 7, 16 of Surgutskaya
       GRES-1 (Russia, Tyumen region)
       Revamp of regional heating plant Strogino (Russia, Moscow)
       Design for Noyabrskaya CCPP (Russia, Tyumen region)
       Revamp of Process Control system at Unit 4 of Tumenskaya CHP-2
       (Russia, Tyumen region)
       Revamp of Pervomayskaya CHP (CHP-14)
       (Russia, St. Petersburg)
       Replacement of hot reheat piping at 800 MW units No. 1, 2
       of Surgutskaya GRES-2 (Russia, Tyumen region)
       Revamp of HP piping at Permskaya GRES using laser scanning technology
       (Russia, Perm region)

       Development of detailed design documentation for technical refurbishment

       of Unit 12 turbine at Omskaya CHP-3

  2010 – 2011

       Development of basic and detailed design documentation for gas turbine

       power plants near Booster Pump Station-2 at Vachimskoe field and Booster

       Pump Station -3 at Vostochno-Surgutskoe field of Surgutneftegaz, OJSC

  Power Grid Facilities

       Design for 500/220/110 kV substation Novo-Anzherskaya with
       500-220 kV tap lines

       Design for 110 kV substation Aviator (Russia, Ekaterinburg)
       Design for 110 kV substation Polnovat-Vanzevat
       Design for 110 kV substation Poyma
       Design 500 kV switchyard at Beloyarskaya NPP (Russia, Sverdlovsk
       Design for 500/220 kV switchyard at Nyaganskaya GRES (Russia,
       Tyumen region)
       Design for 110 kV substation Nagornaya


       Modern  3D  design  technologies  implemented  in  the  Company are mostly based on AVEVA, Autodesk and Csoft Development. РEС UtalTEP completed eight projects using software solutions by AVEVA. Among these projects are small plants such as Ufimskaya CHP-4 or Sakmarskaya CHP and large plants such as regional heating plant Strogino, Noyabrskaya CCPP, Pervomayskaya CHP-14, Nyaganskaya GRES. Since 2008 DEC UralTEP has been preparing design for power grids using Autodesk and Csoft Development 3D solutions.

РEC UralTEP has also implemented Information System of project manage ment based on Primavera, which ensures efficient management of operation processes and resources, control over compliance with customer requirements to quality and deadlines. In 2010 the Company launched electronic management system for basic and detailed design based on CSoft TDMS.



620062 Ekaterinburg, Russia
60-A Lenin street, office 400/4

Postal address: POB 452, Ekaterinburg, 620000
Administrative region: Oktyabrsky district
Phone: +7 (343) 278 82 11, +7 (343) 278 82 00
Fax: +7 (343) 278 82 02
E-mail: tep@uraltep.ru
URL: www.uraltep.ru